Season 2022/2023

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Richard Wagner


Festival Play (opera) in three acts
Libretto by the composer | In German with surtitles

Premiere 12.03.2022
Location Großer Saal Musiktheater
Duration 05 hrs. 00 min.  | Two intermissions
More Dates will be announced shortly.


Parsifal - this is the creation with which Richard Wagner bid farewell to the world as an artist. When he took on this work, he found himself at a turning point in his life: in 1876 he had been able to open the Festspielhaus in Bayreuth, a theatre that was to be dedicated solely to performances of his works. He had now finally established himself - even if still hotly disputed as a person and artist - as a permanent fixture in German cultural life. And this is also evident in his last opera. For here Wagner no longer needed to take any considerations into account and was completely at one with himself as an artist. And so this stage festival is the "most genuine" Wagner: authentic, expansive, magical, gripping, demanding and insightful.

Stephan Suschke, the theatre director from Linz, will direct this festival of the stage about the fool Parsifal, who acquires the virtue of compassion and can thus redeem the suffering knights who guard the Holy Grail.