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Johann Strauss

Die Fledermaus

Comic operetta
Text by Richard Genée after the comedy The New Year's Eve Party by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy in the German adaptation by Karl Haffner.
In German with surtitles

Premiere 21.10.2023
Location Großer Saal Musiktheater

Dates 2023/2024

Monday, 24. June 2024 19:30 - 22:45
Großer Saal Musiktheater
Volksgarten-Reihe 3
Thursday, 27. June 2024 19:30 - 22:45
Großer Saal Musiktheater
Landabo Donnerstag


Prince Orlofsky invites everyone to the ball and everyone goes: Gabriel von Eisenstein, to go all out before starting a prison sentence, and his maid Adele, who is invited there by her sister. Gabriel's wife Rosalinde, on the other hand, stays at home to receive her singing teacher Alfred for a rendezvous. But this does not take place, as Alfred is mistakenly detained instead of Gabriel; so she spontaneously goes to the ball after all. The entire Eisenstein household is thus at the party and is unwittingly caught up in a clever revenge plot by Dr. Falke, who wants to take revenge on Gabriel for a prank played on him. There is confusion, denial, confusion, falling in love, forgiveness and forgetting and the champagne flows in streams.

Johann Strauss and Richard Genée's masterpiece delights millions of people around the globe and is not only a classic on New Year's Eve, but a fabulous perennial favourite in the operetta repertoire.