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Caroline Finn | Sergej Prokofjew

Romeo and Juliet

A dance piece by Caroline Finn
Music by Sergei Prokofiev

Premiere 07.10.2023
Location Großer Saal Musiktheater

Unfortunately, this production is no longer on the schedule


Romeo und Julia, Op.64 (1935-36, rev. 1940)

Ballett in 4 Akten von Sergei Prokofiev, Adrian Piotrovsky, Leonid Lavrovsky und Sergei Radlov

English choreographer Caroline Finn takes the audience on the familiar journey of William Shakespeare's original play Romeo and Juliet, whose poignant themes could not be more timely in a world constantly awash with hatred, prejudice and conflict.

In a new production of this much-loved classic, the harrowing story of the two teenage lovers is elegantly interpreted in a way that both does justice to the traditional narrative and reflects the modern times in which we live. In a very physical, theatrical and cinematic universe, underpinned by the compelling and haunting music of Sergei Prokofiev, the most powerful themes of this great play and the rawest human tendencies are explored and revealed. The emotional journey of the characters in their moments of passion, innocence, hopelessness and betrayal is unravelled and portrayed in poetic imagery. By highlighting the immense burden of adolescent love, obedience and the complex family dynamics the characters suffer from, the audience is encouraged to reflect on how recognising our own prejudices is the first step in turning away from the culture of hate that continues to thrive in today's society - something we need now more than ever.