Grosser Saal Musiktheater
Friday, 22. December 2017 Tickets
Grosser Saal Musiktheater
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A Night in Venice
Grosser Saal Musiktheater
Saturday, 16. December 2017 Tickets
The little mermaid
Grosser Saal Musiktheater
Wednesday, 20. December 2017 Tickets
The Woman without a Shadow
Grosser Saal Musiktheater
Friday, 15. December 2017 Tickets

Dance pieces by Mei Hong Lin, Music by Alexander Zemlinsky and Franz Schreker

The King of the Sea’s daughter falls in love with an earthly prince and enters the human world to look for him, although she is in great pain with every step she takes. In 1902 himself in the throes of unrequited unconditional love, Austrian composer Alexander von Zemlinsky found encouragement and inspiration in Hans Christian Andersen’s The little Mermaid for his symphonic poem. He cleverly employed heartrending music to express the psychological process of losing a beloved person, rejection and suffering.
Renewal | 9 December 2017 | Großer Saal Musiktheater


Operetta by Johann Strauss

It’s not just any night in this costume comedy of mistaken identity by Johann Strauss, but a night during Venetian Carnival festivities. Virtually a 5th season, which was not only the main theater season but also filled the entire city with excessive goings-on and spectacles, turning it into a frenzied state. This festive setting gives Duke Guido of Urbino a clever idea: using the backdrop to approach the wife of Senator Bartolomeo Delaqua. The female protagonists however have their ideas what a successful carnival night entails and, with perplexing masquerading antics, attempt to take advantage of the situation as well.     

Premiere 2 December 2017 | Großer Saal Musiktheater


Showtime with the Musicalensemble Linz

The 10 soloists of the Linz Musicalensemble come up with a very personal evening about the music of their adolescent days. Which music did you hear when you had your first kiss? What was your favourite song when you were 15? Which hit song did you hate to hear? Viennese producer and arranger Christian Frank created a cappella versions and exceptional arrangements of popular hits of the last decades for a showtime with the Musicalensemble almost without musical theatre numbers.
SOLD OUT | 18 November 2017 - 21 May 2018  | BlackBox Musiktheater


Opera by Giuseppe Verdi

It’s the epitome of the Italian opera. Verdi’s Rigoletto was inspired by the ideas and spirit, as well as the rich cultural history of 19th Century France. While searching for the appropriate theme, Verdi finally decided to use Victor Hugo’s Le roi s’amuse (The King Amuses Himself). On the urging of Austrian censors librettist, Francesco Maria Piave, moved the location of the story from Paris to the Italian town of Mantua. Despite the initial difficulties Verdi encountered, Victor Hugo’s figure of the ambivalent, hunchback court jester, Rigoletto, as the main protagonist in the opera that, in a somewhat concealed way, has evolved into perhaps the composer’s most political work. Nonetheless, it served as a foundation for his international acclaim. 
4 November 2017 - 20 March 2018 | Großer Saal Musiktheater



Dance piece by Mei Hong Lin in coooperation with Ensemble L’Arpeggiata

In Music for a While Mei Hong Lin is inspired from a song of the same title (name) by Henry Purcell, and uses dance as a metaphor to produce images about human life. A ballroom, a place of celebration, intoxication, and liberation, transforms to a small global theatre, and the audience to spectators of momentary transient episodes. We meet people full of vitality and the joy of life. We become witness to their encounters, seductions, their loneliness, pain and loss, a celebration of life and it's crisis. Christina Pluhar and her Ensemble L‘Arpeggiata combine the elements of early music with components of Jazz, and mirror the unending possibilities on a musical level.

14 October - 17 December 2017 | Großer Saal Musiktheater



Opera by Richard Strauss

The King of the Spirit Realm’s daughter has married the mortal Emperor. For the relationship to endure, she has to become a real woman and bear children. But this is impossible for the empress from another realm, symbolized by her not having a shadow. However, a dyer’s wife is prepared to sacrifice her shadow and her unborn children and give them to the Empress. But can she accept such a sacrifice?

Richard Strauss and his congenial librettist, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, tuned this fairytale plot into one of the most multifaceted, ecstatic and poignant operas of the earl y 20th Century. 

30 September 2017 - 17 February 2018 | Großer Saal Musiktheater



Musical based on the film by John Waters | Music by Marc Shaiman

Baltimore 1962: Tracy Turnblad, a chubby Teenager with a zest for life, dreams of dancing on the Corny Collins Show, a popular local TV-show. While her mother, Edna, is afraid that she will be made fun of because of her looks her father, Wilber, encourages her. Tracy makes it onto the show and becomes the idol of many teenagers. She uses her newfound fame to champion the cause of racial integration. A great chaos ensues during the voting for “Miss Teenage Hairspray,” which Tracy initially wins but then disqualified, only to later be reinstated by the Governor of Maryland. At the inauguration ceremonies, Tracy makes her appearance and gets everyone to dance…   
15 September 2017 - 26 May 2018 | Großer Saal Musiktheater


Linz has a new cultural landmark: the Musiktheater am Volksgarten

Since 2013, Linz has had a new cultural landmark: the Musiktheater am Volksgarten, Europe’s most modern opera house, which is where the operas, operettas, musicals and dance productions of the Landestheater Linz are put on. The new building stands out because of its excellent acoustics, high level of visitor comfort and state-of-the-art stage technology.


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