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Andrey Kaydanovskiy | Peter I. Tschaikowsky

The Sleeping Beauty

Dance piece by Andrey Kaydanovskiy
Music by Peter I. Tchaikovsky

Revival 25.12.2023
Location Großer Saal Musiktheater

Unfortunately, this production is no longer on the schedule


Choreographer Andrey Kaydanovskiy's reinterpretation of the fairy tale and his radical choreographic renewal have won over both the audience and the critics. At Christmas, Sleeping Beauty will once again conquer the hearts of the audience in the Great Hall of the Music Theatre.

In a prologue and two pictures, Andrey Kaydanovskiy's production tells the story of Princess Aurora from the time of her birth to her coming of age. In doing so, he transfers the fairy tale to the present day and thus proves the surprising topicality of the material. He deals particularly intensively with the symbolism of the fairy tale. In the musical field, too, tradition and modernity enter into a virtuoso union. Angel Vassilev's electronic sounds are elegantly woven into the original score performed by the Bruckner Orchestra. With TANZ LINZ and his proven team, Andrey Kaydanovskiy created a magnificent, colourful, humorous spectacle for the whole family.