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Jason Robert Brown

Songs for a new World (Lieder für eine neue Welt)

Music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown | German by Wolfgang Adenberg

Premiere 19.05.2021
Location Großer Saal Musiktheater
Duration 01 hrs. 55 min.  - One intermission -
More Dates will be announced shortly.


A "new world" with a "new normality" - how often have we had to read these buzzwords in the last few months! Jason Robert Brown's Songs for a New World might give us some answers to the crisis. And the musical ensemble celebrates with them - quasi incidentally - the return to the stage.
Brown's songs are artful mini-dramas, held together by an idea: Whether on a Spanish refugee ship in 1492 or in today's Manhattan, the protagonists stand at turning points in their lives and hope for a new world, a better future. Doesn't that sound familiar to us?"
I don't want to philosophize, I just want to tell a story," says Brown. And this story is heartbreaking, funny, sad and hopeful. And always emotional.