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Michael Obst

Under The Glacier

Unter dem Gletscher

Music theatre by Michael Obst

Libretto by Hermann Schneider based on the novel Under the Glacier (Kristnihald undir Jökli) by Halldór Laxness | Commissioned work by the Landestheater Linz | In German with surtitles

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In 1968 the late Icelandic writer and Literature Nobel Prize Laureate, Halldór Laxness first published this highly acclaimed novel. In, Under the Glacier, the reader encounters a host of quirky and loveable characters in the Icelandic province; for instance, a pastor who has nailed his church shut and instead enjoys repairing old household appliances. There is the turbo-capitalist in surroundings where money only plays a secondary role, the three shepherds in cheerful drug frenzy, or the salmon in a wooden crate on the glacier and so on... Michael Obst, whose 2016 opera, Solaris, at the Landestheater Linz turned into a major fan favorite has taken Halldór’s novel as an inspiration for his latest work, making an original and profound as the novel it is based on and turned it into a masterful music theater staging.