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Richard Wagner


Festival Play (opera) in three acts by Richard Wagner

Libretto by the composer | In German with surtitles

Premiere 11.04.2020
Location Großer Saal Musiktheater
Duration 05 hrs. 15 min.

More Dates will be announced shortly.


Parsifal - The divine creation with which, as an artist, Richard Wagner said goodbye to the world. He had finally established himself as one of the greats of German cultural life - a fact underscored by his last opera. Wagner no longer felt he had to adhere to any constraints and, as an artist, was wholly engrossed in his art. Therefore, this “Festival Play” is the “truest” Wagner. It’s authentic, expansive, magical, riveting, challenging and demanding of attention. He recounts the tale of the “pure fool,” Parsifal who is confronted with the difficult task of redeeming the Holy Grail and the Holy Spear and band of Christian knights who had been guarding them against the magician Klingsor.